Swaying Through Corona Waves

Swaying Through Corona Waves - Being Positive

Believe it or not.. Covid pandemic has effected each one of us.. For few, it has been very disastrous in terms of loss of loved ones, and for few it has impacted us economically and mentally..

Looking at the current situation, it seems imperative that the ones with a super positive attitude and strong mind only will be able to sway through Corona waves.

In this small read, I would share my 7 cents that you can follow and try to bring little difference in your health and mind :

1. Stay away from TV news. 

Too much negative display of current situation can make you mentally very fragile and one starts to feel that the disease is going to catch up soon with self.

Read news-papers instead, following some good handles on twitter/other apps for concise news can help you staying updated with little fear.

2. Sleep more. 

It is scientifically proven that if you have a sound 8 hours complete sleep, the body repairs itself fully. While you’re sleeping, your pituitary gland releases growth hormone, which helps your body to grow and repair itself. 

So this downtime is a good phase to correct our Netflix skewed sleep cycles and get aligned with the natural rhythm.

3. Pranayama/meditation

In pre-covid era, most of us wanted but did not find even a bit of time to practice pranayama and meditation. 

Even spending time in the tune of 5-10 mins per day can go a long way to make oneself mentally more positive and fight covid. Simplest of breathing exercise (can do even while watching TV/working) can scientifically help in strengthening lungs and easing mind. 

Engaging in other slightly advanced pranayama and meditation can work wonders and can be life changing..

4. Walk

Brisk waking can work towards increasing positivity and staying healthy. This zero cost activity needs no apparatus and no joining fee and has direct stress-busting benefits and help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.

5. Up-skill

A lot has been said during last covid wave on job loss and economy. Believe it or not, almost all of us are effected in this sense as well (directly or indirectly). 

It makes a big sense to up-skill yourself in any way possible to survive in the upcoming highly competitive environment where jobs would be lesser and applications surging. 

As a small example, learning a new language can open a lot of opportunities for executives, it’s a great brain exercise as well. Goes a long way in making brain positive. 

Any new learning such as cooking, vlogging, mastering a technology etc can act as an added sill in life. At the least one can identify the hidden skill he/she has and plan to work towards it.

6. Declutter. 

Its high time to de-clutter yourself. In pre-covid era, each of us were busy accumulating. 

Be it clothes, books, shoes, shares (in our demat), investments, accounts, each one of us have plenty of holdings(tangible or otherwise) that we have acquired over time. 

In this downtime, we really need to sort things out. Donating unwanted stuff can give you much needed blessings and free up your mind for positivity.  

7. Stay in touch.

We hardly had time to get in touch with old friends and loved ones. In this tough time, calling and being in touch and sharing a few words really helps!

Having said this, I strongly feel that in case this disease hits us, we need to face it with our strongest mindset. Definitely one should be aware and proactive in treatment but getting bogged down or feeling broken on getting infected can be disastrous. 
A lot of it is on our MIND.. Being positive helps.. !!!!

being positive - unclutter your mind
Archit Gupta
The Key to a Healthy Life is Having a Healthy Mind.

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The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind.

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