Part 2 Living a Positive Life – Stop Negative Self-Talk

Stop Negative Self-Talk - beingpositive

We all dream of a life full of Joy, Love, adventure, fun and prosperous life but don’t know where to start from.

Unclutter your mind, sit back, relax and read this series of articles where we will be sharing and discussing with you the most effective and practical approaches to be positive and happy forever

Most of us start our day by checking the phone for social media updates, news, WhatsApp chat, notifications. We fill up our mind with loads of unnecessary data.
This result in compilation of so many topics in our brain to think about.
Right from morning till the time we sleep, we are constantly busy in talking to ourselves. 

Pause and just look at your thoughts.
You are reading this article, but at the same time, your mind is cluttered with multiple thoughts. These thoughts are nothing but a non-stop conversation with ourselves. Take a break from yourself and you would suddenly feel a sense of calmness.
The trick to stopping the continuous self-talk is to just focus on your thoughts as a third person. Just check what exactly you are thinking about in your subconscious mind and suddenly you will find that your thoughts will disappear and you would suddenly feel a sense of silence in your mind. Give it a try.
If this works for you repeat it multiple time in your day and you would be in better control over your mind.
Think of your mind as the RAM and thought like different applications of your computer. If you will constantly fill it up with unnecessary functions of negative assumptions and self-talk. How will it perform?  Your RAM needs some space to perform smoothly.
The negative thoughts that often come across our minds are not even facts, instead just wage assumptions that we make about our future or any situation.  
Various researches have confirmed the negative self-talk have an adverse impact on our stress level. It also responsible for lower self-esteem.
The way we keep checking our phones every few minutes, the same way do keep a check on your thoughts. Make sure you keep your mind and thought process clear.
“Don’t get upset over your negative self-talk. Just observe it without judgment. Like birds flying by and it will pass!”
-Lolita Guarin
Stay calm & Keep Smiling 😊

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