Part 1 : Living a Positive Life – Introduction

living a positive life -

We all dream of a life full of Joy, Love, adventure, fun and prosperous life but don’t know where to start from.

Unclutter your mind, sit back, relax and read this series of articles where we would be sharing and discussing with you the most effective and practical approaches to be positive and happy forever. 😇

Part 1: Introduction
The biggest reason for our negative mindset is that we have given the responsibility of our mood, mind to people around us.

We have made our happiness dependent on Facebook likes, traffic, spouse, in-laws, friends, boss, colleagues, power cut, weather, and the list is never-ending.

Being positive means taking back control of our happiness.
It is a perspective of life. It’s about changing your mindset, point of view, the way you see or handle any situation.
We have to understand that the situations and people around us can never be in our control. What’s in our control is our own mind and actions.

People with a positive mental attitude look for ways to solve a particular problem, instead of justifying the reasons “why an issue cannot be solved”.

To live a positive and cherished life we have to realize that we are the king of our kingdom (the body 😊). Our mind, senses should work for us as per our instructions. Not the other way round.

We have been living our life the same old way, the way we have been taught by our parents, society, movies and just everyone around us.
But we all have to agree that there must be something wrong in our approach. Otherwise, why is it that most of us feel that 20-30 years back life was much relaxed and soothing?
There must be something wrong in our society that the crime, stress, lifestyle diseases, and depression just every negative emotion is on rising.
The change we want to see in our surrounding will start from our mind. We have to change our actions and mindset.

“Your thoughts decide your action, and your actions decide your fate”.

In the coming days, we would be sharing a series of articles focusing on the most effective ways to change your mindset to live a happy, stress-free life. See you soon.

Till then Stay calm & Keep Smiling 😊

Please do share your point of views, experiences, suggestions in the comment section below. It will help us to include all the important points in the upcoming parts of this article.

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The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind.

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