Open Letter to My Love….

Dear Wifeee…
I am writing this to let you know how special you are for me.
Puchuu, the first time I saw you in CCD. You entered the cafe and removed your mask and I saw the most beautiful girl I ever came across. There was a positive, lovely spark in your eyes, your confident walk towards me floored me completely.

Life is quiet strange and unpredictable, we never thought even in our wildest dream that we will have such an extremely adventurous life. Our courtship period was short lived, but even then we have some beautiful memories to cherish.

To count few… The early morning tea (spending more then 100 bugs to have Rs 5 road side tea with stray dogs  😃😃. CCD became our adda.. to chillax in style. Ware house cafe fulfilled our hunger for music..Our engagement ceremony with chocolate wrap at your place was I am sure was one of the cutest moments of our life. I always enjoy your experiments with cooking to offer me well decorated dishes.
The best part of our relationship is the way (whole heartedly) we do little things for each other. Pucchu, I know i have not done anything big for your happiness. But please believe me, ill keep on fulfilling your life with small, cute little things. After all, in the end of life what we remember are not the big things that we achieved, but the sweet little things that brought smile on our face.
Every time i surf through our old pics of parties, trips to Neemrana, Kausani, our funny photo shoots i just cant believe that we lived so many shades of life together, in such a short span of time.
I know, I hurt you often, but believe me every time you get angry with me I feel a strange strong pain in my heart. More then your words, its your sadness which haunts me. 
If I were to suddenly leave this world sooner or later, I would be happy that i experienced such a rare and honest form of love. Thank you for loving me more than what I deserve. Thank you so much for forgiving me whenever I hurt you with my words or action.
Puchuu, I am aware that I am not the best husband in the world and i failed to keep that beautiful smile on your face. But I am firm believer, that I will keep on doing new, funny, cute little things to make our life beautiful. 
If you ever feel that I take you for granted, this letter will be a reminder of how I feel for you and our relationship and its worth for me.
Love you so much Puchuu…. Please Keep Smiling 🙂
Only Your’s 

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