Less is More (Minimalistic Living)

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Happiness, clarity of thoughts, life without confusion can be achieved if our mind is decluttered. Human brain if dumped with numerous issues would act lethargic and stress out.

By – Archit Gupta

Living light and removing flab from our life-spaces can go a a long way in restressing out brains and help in improving happiness quotient. Ever wondered why we feel so happy and sorted in a hotel room? A hotel room has only basic no-nonsense stuff and is completely de-cluttered. We actually like this change from our overloaded to a minimalistic clean space.  

Imagine a person with a lot of stuff (clothes, books, shoes, knick-knacks, watches, etc) as his possessions. It is highly unlikely that he is going to use all of his possessions regularly whereas he has to spend a lot of his time and energy to maintain his huge set of belongings without adding any value to him. These items are occupying space in both his closet and mind which the person can free-up and this won’t even make any difference in his life.
With E-commerce and marketing boom, there is easy to procure stuff everywhere. Corner shops, malls, factory price stores, web sites, airports, and even metro stations have stores that lure us with products to buy. These stores poke our minds with offers/sales/freebies to bring our mind to a situation, where we do not evaluate the actual value of the product in our lives and instead buy it. Further to this, each consumable warrants maintenance, AMCs, service and with several such items, people end up in a costly vicious circle.
This idea of buying things without actual need cannot sustain for long and the sense of happiness you get by buying the product will decrease over time. In this era of high real estate costs where houses are becoming smaller, space is the real luxury and by making this change, you can reclaim the space that you had earlier reserved for stuff you won’t actually use.
A very affluent and widely traveled professional once shared with me, how in his early days of career, even on refilling a gas cylinder bought immense happiness to him but now, even buying a new TV appears mundane. I have seen people who buy a jazzy car loaded with features that they won’t even use and then spend big money and time towards owning and maintaining it.
Keeping limited well-maintained stuff which you use regularly is the key and this attitude can give you a sense of completeness and joy. Donate/dispose of/re-sell any item that is not adding any value to your lives and reclaim the space it occupies in your abode.
This minimalistic approach applies to all the concepts in life. I strongly feel that every aspect of life should be minimalistic ranging from your aesthetics to even your investments. A simple design and thought can be much more sustainable and practical and is a huge trend spanning from furniture design, architecture and fashion in highly developed countries (Apple is a trendsetter in minimalistic design).  
Gifting, donating your old stuff to needy people is the real answer to this. A person who can’t afford a sweater knows the actual cost of an unused one lying in your closet for years.  

Simple steps for a Minimalistic Living

  • Donate unwanted clothes, books, shoes, etc. from your closet.
  • Buy stuff only after evaluating (it should clearly be a necessity and a value add).
  • Don’t be an impulsive buyer.
  • Travel light. It improves the experience.
  • Develop a habit to maintain and get faulty stuff repaired instead of replacing.
  • Spend on experiences and things that give you long term pleasure.
  • Possess as much as you can maintain
  The key is to simplify and free up mind, time and save money to be applied to stuff you really want to do in life.  

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  1. Excellent article Archit! Very well articulated and most importantly it is completely relevant to the current generation. I hope your readers take your message back to their lives.
    Thanks for writing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


  2. Well written…Even in zen gardening there is an expression: less is more…like with fewer flowers you can create a beautiful ambience…
    and its quality not quantity of experience that counts…
    keep writing..

    Priyanka Mittal

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