How to Live Life Without Anger (Top 3 Myths Busted)

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Anger.. is the root cause of most of the issues we are facing today. From fights in relationships.. to road rage.. to fear of war, anger has always been one of the major causes of problems. 

Have you ever imagined how our life would have been without anger? A life full of happiness, calmness, and peace.

     Anger is the most destructive human emotion which not only has an extremely bad impact on ourselves, but the negative energy generated due to our anger disturbs everyone around us.

Lets bust few anger myths vs the reality.

1. It’s a natural human emotion and we don’t have any control over it.                                                                        This is the most common excuse, but the reality is that anger is just like any other bad habit, just like smoking a cigarette. As you are aware that smoking is bad for health still you smoke, just like that you are aware that anger is not good, still, we get angry. Anger is not an emotion, it’s a habit which with time, has become part of our reflex action.

2.  Anger is sometimes an important tool to prepare ourselves for revenge or get our work done.
                   An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. The end result of anger can never be good. Even the biggest Army battles have been fought with intelligence and tactics, not with anger. A most common example of a sports lover is how a good sportsperson reacts to sledging or provocation by the opposite team. If the sports person starts playing and reacting in anger, his/her defeat is definite. Instead, a good team, sportsperson keep themselves calm and unaffected with provocation and just carry on with their game plan for success. 

3. No matter how hard we try, there are some people or situations which always instigate anger in me.
                  Always remember that “Your problem is not the problem, your reaction to the problem is the actual problem”. Stop getting upset with the people. They are powerless without your reaction. If someone’s shout on you or behave in an unexpected way, just stay calm and let that moment pass by like the dark clouds.

Stay Calm, Stay Happy !!!

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